Monday, December 17, 2012

How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas? Read through a social skills lens

I've been working a lot with my kids using the vocabulary 'Expected' and 'Unexpected' behavior.  This book, How do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?, clearly illustrates those concepts!  You can use this book or others in the series all year round!


This is a nice way to combine a thematic unit, a read aloud, and the social skills curriculum from Michelle Garcia Winner all in one activity.  Explaining the basic social skills vocabulary using these books is great for the younger set K-2.  Try it out!

The book starts off by the dinosaur exhibiting clearly unexpected behaviors.  It ends with him acting perfectly.  Very simple and clear.

still unexpected!

At last--Expected!

For those of you in schools, have a good final few days before the holiday. Enjoy the kids.  Today, my heart was heavy and I tried to find something heartfelt or meaningful to insert here, but instead dissolved into tears, so for now, carry on, keep a smile on your face, and know that good people are everywhere.


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