Monday, December 10, 2012

The Way that I Feel---customize a book for your kids from a template

Quite a few years ago, I had a fabulous graduate student who developed a Feelings Book project for the kids she worked with.  I have used her template and ideas ever since!  She started the unit by reading The Way I Feel by Janan Cain with the kids.  She sent home a parent questionnaire to fill out, so they could provide input as to what made their child feel certain ways. Then, each day they met in speech, she targeted a different feeling and custom made a book.  Home input helped, but she also talked with the students and helped each one identify feelings in specific situations.  This was a long term project, but the end result was a treasure that the children read to their class, and took home.  
Cover page sample

screen shot of the 'happy' page

screenshot of the scared page

I have uploaded a template for this book with most of the pictures delected except the feelings icons.  If you know how to insert images and text boxes, you are good to go here.

You can insert your own images---use Google or photos if you don't have Boardmaker, or have your child draw a few! 

Click here to download a Feelings book template---import your own images, you and your student write/illustrate examples.


  1. Thanks for this awesome post! I love the suggestion to have kids do some of the drawing. Great idea for those who are able to do that!

  2. Hi I would love the template but this link and the link to download a template meter meter come up as not found. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comment. Obviously I'm not up to speed when sharing 'templates'. I think I fixed it, but let me know. Technology seems to evolve faster than my brain.

  3. Just found your site via pinterest. Thanks so much for sharing the template! Will use it with one of my clients who has autism. I also just bought the book, Point to Happy by Miriam Smith and Afton Fraser - looks great too!


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