Monday, November 5, 2012

Feast for 10--- with printable icons!

This is such a great book for Thanksgiving on so many levels---it's happy, there's great food, it features an African American family, the language is simple, there's terrific vocabulary, it's descriptive.  I could go on and on.  This book works for every kid!

I've made some Boardmaker printables to go with it which are very simple and straightforward. This is a counting book---it goes up to 10, and goes up to 10 again!  You can print the icons out in Boardmaker, or in pdf.  If you have Boardmaker, you can edit, change the size, change the pictures.  In pdf, you pretty much have to accept what I made.  

I want to have my Thanksgiving meal with this family!!!!

Download icons in pdf

Download icons in Boardmaker 

book icons

I have since discovered from the Budget SLP that
Florida WIC program has a complete lesson plan
with large visuals to go with this book. Go here
to look at the plan, download the visuals, and get
more ideas!

My favorite page!



  1. I'm delighted to see Feast for 10 here, and still being enjoyed after 19 years in print! Thank you.

    Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Reading!
    Cathryn Falwell

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You created a fabulous book, and I read it with my special needs kids every year. Thank you!

  2. Is this THE Chapel Hill? :) By that I mean the one in North Carolina! I'm from Chapel Hill and I'm starting a childcare center in Virginia. Thank you for the great ideas!


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