Sunday, November 4, 2012

ASHA Convention--Gluten Free

A little more than one week to go until ASHA (the American Speech and Language Convention) taking place in Atlanta!!!   The official ASHA bloggers are hard at work with informing all of us about the usual stuff---what to wear, program planning, tweeting, networking....

Me?  I'm worried about what I'm going to eat.  "Normal" people chow down anywhere--grabbing a bagel at the local bagelry, finding a little cafe for lunch downtown, piling into a car for a fancier place in the evening.  None of that works for me---wheat, barley, and rye are off limits, totally.

Before going to a new city, it's helpful for me to scope out, in advance, gluten free/friendly places.  I also pack in a bunch of food, and the place I stay works for me if it has a microwave.  I thought I would share what I've found out so far:

  • Gluten Free Atlanta---this is someone's blog, her project, to inform us celiacs where places in Atlanta are to eat that offer gluten free options. The author describes herself as: "A gluten free foodie who loves to cook and eat delicious food, Betsy Metcalf is also a consultant for people with celiac disease or people cooking for someone with gluten allergies." It looks like a great resource!
  • Whole Foods Whole Foods is a terrific place for a gluten free speech pathologist to eat.  Usually you can order from the deli, and be entertained by all the tatoos and piercings around you while you scarf down your food.  Compared to a restaurant, Whole Foods is cheaper, and also offer a wide variety of gluten free groceries you can take back to your room or hotel (or 'bed and breakfast' in my case!)   There's lots of wine varieties, too! 

It looks like there are tons of options down there both for eating out, and purchasing to dine in. I carry around with me Glutino Breakfast Bars that I nibble on during the day, and on the nights I don't eat out, I plan on cooking at our Air BnB.  My husband is tagging along on this trip, so he'll enjoy meals at night with me.   I can't wait!     My next convention post will be about where we are staying, by the way.  It's a little UNconventional.  I doubt if I'll run into many SLPs on my street.  It's all about adventure!

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  1. Thank you for this! I am gluten free as well, and will be at ASHA. I am staying with a friend at her house, so that will help my evenings, but I know I might want to grab something for lunch or breakfast close to the convention,