Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas for 10--printable icons for a nice book

Here's another nice counting book by the same author as Feast for 10---this one is entitled Christmas for 10 by Cathryn Falwell.  It has simple text, it features counting, it's centered around the same African American family, and has great Christmas-themed vocabulary.

I've made some simple icons paired with numbers to go with each page of the book.  I use this type of format in language groups, especially in EC classrooms.  As a group, and individually within the group, the kids practice counting, labeling, commenting, and answering questions.  They take turns, practice raising their hands to be called on, and share materials.  I then loan the book to the classroom teacher for her to use with the students again (repetition is good!).  She loves this because she has an instant lesson to do, and already has observed it being taught.  

The real question is 'why did I blog about the same type of book as Feast for 10?'
The answer is that my kids need to learn language in one activity, and then the language needs changed a only a little so they can learn a bit more in the next activity.  Offering two similar, but slightly different books allows them to expand on their existing language, yet, they don't have to go through a completely new language experience.  The kids in this class have read Feast for 10 twice--this Friday, they will listen to and read with me Christmas for 10.  I'm excited about it!

Click here for the book icons in Boardmaker

Click here for the book icons in pdf


  1. Delighted to see that these books are helpful to your students!
    Best wishes,
    Cathryn Falwell

    1. Thank you for your comment. Your books are treasures.