Friday, November 23, 2012

The Lonely Reindeer and his Prepositions--printable

Thanksgiving is now officially over!   I feel blessed by all the good people who surround me, and I feel fortunate that I live in this era of networking and blogging.  This blog has enlarged my world so much, and I've come to know some incredible professionals and parents.  Thank you all for your nice comments and feedback.

Title page
I made another preposition themed book to share---kids need vocabulary presented in multiple ways, and repetition.  If you are familiar with my work, this book (The Lonely Reindeer Flying Over and Between) is very similar to an Angry Birds book I put up a while back.  This one has a bit of a Christmas theme to it----sorry if you don't celebrate this.  (If you want a different theme, send some suggestions, and I can see what I can do!)

Scroll down to find the links to download.

book icons---cut these out, the blue ones are the sentence strip

screen shot of a sample page

Happy Ending screenshot

 Click here to download the book in pdf

Click here to download the book in Boardmaker

what this looks like in Boardmaker--all the pages
   Time is flying by!     I've just been told I'm going to be a grandmother so I'm celebrating!



  1. Cute book and congrats on the news!

  2. Congratulations on the exciting news! Thanks for sharing the reindeer activity!


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