Monday, November 12, 2012

Where are the cats? Printable book with icons

Hello everyone!

 I'm sitting in Brevard right now--preparing for the next leg of my pilgrimage to the ASHA convention.

Prior to the convention, though, I wanted to post about a new simple book I made on Tarheel Reader, and also have uploaded to Google Drive.  I was very motivated to make this, even while on my trip--- I work with a cute little guy in his home who really, really likes cats and needs customized books.  The last couple of times I saw him, we read "What can Dogs do?"  and "What can Cats Do?"   I brought my twins' old Beanie Babies from home, and we acted out the pictures.  He used more language that day, and answered more questions than any time I've been with him!   The pictures from Tarheel reader are large and clear---for a boy with CVI, they worked!

screen shot of title

To continue the momentum, I've now created "Where are the Cats?" on Tarheel Reader.  You can look at it there, or you can download the book from my Google drive account.  The link is at the bottom of this posting.

screen shot
Targets in language therapy are to elicit a simple patterned sentence, comprehend and elicit prepositions--in, on under; and, now that I'm looking more closely at my pictures, this is good for regular plurals, too!  Bring in stuffed cats and act it all out with the kids!  They'll love it.  I think my student will!   

screen shot

last page

Click here to download Where are the Cats?

Click here for the icons in Boardmaker

Click here for the icons in pdf

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