Wednesday, November 14, 2012

ASHA Unconventional---the day before

Luxurious digs through AirBnB--more similar to a hostel
 For those of you who are not speech pathologists, let me explain.  I'm going to attend a convention tomorrow--the American Speech and Language Association national convention in Atlanta.  To make it a family adventure, my husband came along (he has no interest in ASHA though).  Today was the pre-ASHA fun day for me.  I'll just post the pictures here--you read the captions and notes--you'll see that sometimes, we like more of the unconventional.

Day care center with actual bars--we walk by this to get to MARTA

3 stops to the convention

Took in some geocaching.  This guy wanted to know what we were doing.

 What would a Morgan trip be without geocaching? Look at the photo above and you'll see that not everyone knows it's simply a high tech treasure hunt with a GPS.  The Andrew Young statue has a geocache hidden under his shoe---tricky to find!

I needed to pick up my packet of stuff for ASHA--beating the long lines that will be there tomorrow.  Over 10,000 of us are converging on the convention center!

We visited the Martin Luther King National Historic Site.  Everyone needs to go there.
This cart carried his casket

MLK birth home

 We walked around historic Oakland Cemetery for a bit (geocaching).  Notice the name of the restaurant/bar in the background.

Underground Atlanta

Tomorrow, I'll be sitting in seminars.  Today, I feel like I got a taste of the real Atlanta.  I love where our room is---in a house, in a neighborhood, literally on the other side of the tracks.  I'll keep you posted on how the next few days go!