Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How not to serve pancakes (school breakfast)

This is a quiz.

1. Guess which picture I took of a school breakfast?  (Left or Right)

2. The correct way to serve pancakes is with:
   a. a plate
   b. utensils
   c. both
   d. none

Apparently our school goes with d.  The kids are given pancakes heated in a bag, which they open, and eat with fingers, dipping them into (corn) syrup.  The creative girl, to the right, didn't know that trick and created a plate from her bag, pouring syrup as she does at home.  Her problem then was one of how to eat it without a fork.
I have a problem anyway of just providing morning carbs to kids without much in the way of fiber or protein.



  1. I guess you need to award points to the little girl for thinking outside the box!

  2. Our school has that version of "pancakes" but the worst offender has been a FUNNEL CAKE complete with powdered sugar which is called "breakfast pastry" on the menu. I simply do not understand that one!