Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunny Articulation Phonology Test--a Godsend app, literally

I'm a little slow with my app reviews.  Someone gave me this app--Sunny Articulation Phonology Test (maybe someone from Smarty Ears gave it to me to review?--it's been so long I can't remember).  I used it and stewed over it.  I wasn't sure of the pictures (what kid knows 'dove'?) or the way the errors were recorded.  There were a few minor things about it I thought I would report on.....but I waited. I hate to be critical.  Then I found that I was using this app, a lot!


Other bloggers have actually reviewed this app extensively, so I feel I don't need to give a tutorial.  Actually the app is so intuitive that any competent speech pathologist can figure it out.  Basically, the child is shown a series of pictures (with or without voice).  The child labels the picture and the clinician records the errors.  At the end, a report is generated.


I've discovered that for simple articulation cases, and for progress monitoring, this app is the way to go.  I've totally abandoned paper forms for the mild to moderate articulation kids.  Why use an expensive Goldman-Fristoe protocol when you have a high tech app to use?

Also, this app is very easy to use if you are just being asked to 'talk to' a child which does happen quite a bit in a school setting.  There is a screening version (shorter)!  Perfect.

If you are a busy school clinician with an iPad or iPhone, use this.  Don't use paper.  Ultimately the app will pay for itself.

sample report---email to yourself and pring

I will say that for the more complicated children (e.g. those who have serious intelligibility issues, this app may not fit your needs.  Most likely, that's when you drag out your other assessment tools, and write a more thorough report.  However, if you have a child who can't say 'r' or 'k'---this saves time and paper.  Go for it!   I am! 


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