Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ipad Rage; Letter to Graduate Interns--two of my favorite past postings

From time to time, I've posted 'musings' which aren't about fun therapy materials to download; instead, they are just what is on my  mind at the moment.  These blog entries tend to get buried in time, however; but since they remain pertinent to what I do, I want to share again! I have several I'd like you to see, but am only going to repost two at a time.   Enjoy!

Ipad Rage

This issue has actually raised its ugly head again in my school.  Definitely worth reading!  

Letter to Graduate Student Interns in Speech Pathology

Graduate interns come from all walks of life, and may even not want to be with you.  Yet, they are seeking recommendations, evaluations, and future employment possibilities.  Here's a letter to them.   

So these are two of my past postings.  More to come!

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