Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's all about birds tonight.....up close!

So today was my birthday.  I work with teachers as young as my own children, and you know what?  I know more then them!  About everything except pop music......  and I have never felt so healthy.  The gluten free diet has been a miracle.  I'm just happy for everything, and am grateful to be 57 and healthy.

This post tonight is not about speech therapy. It's to show off the awesome pictures that my daughter, Vicki, has been taking on Kiawah Island (she is working there as a bird banding intern).  I love these.

OK, not a bird, but a 'rough green snake'. Most of you don't like snakes, but I do! 
Lots of bands!  Only the metal one is from Vicki's site.

Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

Vicki with blue jay

Yellow-breasted Chat

Sharp-Shinned Hawk

I just love his hawk photo. 

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