Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five Little Turkeys--adapted printable book

I was inspired tonight to create a Boardmaker book about the "Five Little Turkeys" who seem to have difficulties staying with their group. 

first two pages
 Essentially the plot is that initially 5 turkeys hang out, but with every verse, one turkey doesn't know how to stay with the group and waddles away.   This could be a social story.

Seriously, the kids will like it since the book is interactive.  Attach a turkey by velcro at marked spots.  They can waddle the turkeys right off the page!
some middle pages

last pages

Click here to download in pdf

Three weeks until Thanksgiving!

I just got a question about how to make Boardmaker books fit on one big Boardmaker grid rather than having to save several different pages.   In boardmaker, you go to file, and click 'Board setup'.

Then when a popup window comes up, you determine height and width of the board you want. 8 by 10 is the size of a sheet of paper.  If you have multiple pages, make the dimensions bigger.



  1. This is super cute and I have a couple of students in mind to use this with! Thanks for creating this. When I download in pdf, it's not letting me print. Is anyone else having difficulty, or is it something with my computer? Thanks!

    1. I didn't have any problem printing in my school this morning

  2. Ruth, I love your books and have several I have made myself with Boardmaker. However, I can't seem to figure out how to get all of the pages onto one board? Could you share how to do that?

    1. Hi Sarah, In this same post, I've now stuck a brief tutorial at the end after the turkey stuff, complete with a couple of screenshot images. It's simple, but I've had that question before, so thank you for it.


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