Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Best Secret Santa Ever!

The internet is amazing--I'm always learning about new websites,  new things to do, and connections to make.  My daughter told me about Secret Santa and  This website randomly matches 'gifters' to 'receivers'---gives virtual awards for nice gifts, and takes care of the nuts and bolts of giving out addresses, deadlines, guidelines, and other such things.  The 'giver', once he or she gets a name, needs to read the profile and likes of the 'receiver', and then send a gift to that person (true Secret Santa style). The people don't know each other.  The 'giver' is also a 'receiver' but from someone else.  If you check out the website, there are great photos and examples of presents.

In true form, I signed up for Redditgifts as soon as I found out about it.  A few days later I was matched!  The person I was to be a Secret Santa for was a person like me---working and with kids, living in Pennsylvania.  This person said she liked coffee---that was easy!  Alana and I took a little trip to Southern Season (Alana had never been there!) and we bought coffee, chocolate, cookies, and a candle.  I hope she liked it all!

A few days ago, I received my gift.  My Secret Santa (from Colorado)  had read my profile and I think he checked out this blog, commenting on my work as a speech pathologist.  I was astounded at his generosity, and his beautiful card  (all from a stranger).

Today, I jingle-belled my way to Barnes and Noble to cash in this 50 dollar gift card!   My speech kids love hands-on materials---books with lift-the-flaps, games, and toys.  I found two cute books they'll love, and two games I can teach them to play. Obviously, I spent it all on the Ephesus kidos!   No problem, because when they are happy, talking, socializing, and learning, I'm happy too!  
This was a little over 50 dollars---two games, two books; all fun!

nothing beats surprises after each page turn!

cute, cute, cute! 

Each page has its own surprise

The directions to the Monster Game

Directions to the Robot Building Game appears to have many more secret exchanges all year long---Valentines Day,  Halloween, Arbitrary Day----you need to sign up.  It's tons of fun!  I still can't believe how nice my Secret Santa was to me and my students!

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