Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sharing---Winter Materials--Please download for free!

A couple of years ago, my colleagues and I assembled a Winter Unit.   Here are a few items from that unit for your download pleasure.

Making a Snowman--Step by Step
1. A cute powerpoint book on how to make a play-dough snowman.  This is wonderful for those kids who can use pictures to guide play, thus playing with play-dough more productively.  I can't take credit for it.  Heather Byrnes, a great SLP who now works in Maryland put this together.  One of my kids was able to follow this meticulously!

2.  I made a simple recipe for 'Snowfolk Faces' out of rice cakes, raisin, and carrots. The powerpoint recipe is accessible here.This was a lot of fun to make, and mildly nutritious--great if you are talking about snowmen. The kids also have a little product at the end to chow down.

Snowfolk Faces
3.  Cinnamon Ornaments----This last one is a project that takes a few days.  It's great if you work with a special education classroom and can involve the staff a bit.  Here is the link.  The kids can potentially end up with a gift for their parents.
Christmas ornaments

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