Monday, December 12, 2011

Chapel Hill Christmas Parade--Girl Scout Troop 1033

 I actually walked in two parades Saturday---I had to park in Carrboro, and walk to Chapel Hill to meet up with the girls from Troop 1033 and their leader, Grace Repass; then walk back with the troop in the parade to Carrboro (in front of the ear-splitting constant fire engine siren)  I logged this as 'Exercise' on my google exercise form, but it was great exercise.  The girls were all so cute and excited! 

Being a part of this Girl Scout Troop has been one of the most worthwhile things I have done all year.  I love exposing children to events and new experiences when normally they don't have such opportunities.  The excited laughter, pointing, greetings, and just plain fun made the effort to get them all there early on a Saturday morning all worth it! 

Thank you Grace, Cindy, Diane, Meg, and Sarah for doing all you do!

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