Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Trees---high tech, low tech

It's Friday!!!!!  Two more school days of fun before a much needed break.  I found a very cute idea for a Christmas tree craft in someone else's blog, and thought it would also make a great Smartboard activity.

So----first LOW TECH---

Go to this blog--No Time for Flashcards.  This is a great website, by the way.  Many of the directions are provided in sequenced photos which kids can understand.  One teacher I work with uses those photos to make her centers.  The photo of the craft I thought would be super simple is here.
This is the finished craft---taken from the above website

pom poms are matched to corresponding numbers.  

Depending on the level of the child, the complexity of the task could be differentiated.  You can keep your numbers below ten or even below five if needed.  You don't even need numbers but can use colored dots, if the child is only able to match color to color.  If you are interested in the above low-tech activity, go to the website mentioned above---No Time for Flashcards.  It's a great site!

I saw the tree fun, and then thought that this activity could also lend itself to a Smartboard lesson. (Our classrooms are fortunate to have these!)  Here is the link to the Smartboard activity to download:  Christmas Tree by Numbers

My kids still need help with the Smartboard skills of dragging and matching numbers and colors and so this should be good practice!

I did not think of the low tech fun (the No Time for Flashcards mom did that), but the Smartboard creation is mine.   I can't wait to try both out for our last two days of school next week!

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  1. Hi Ruth! I just stumbled upon your blog! WOW! Thanks so much for sharing how you are combining ipad apps with videos and more traditional communication boards! I got my ipad last week and I'm itching to get using it! I've been blogging about more traditional therapy activities over at and can't wait to start incorporating the ipad into my posts! I hope you won't mind if I model some of my first sessions after the style of treatment you're doing! I added you to my blogroll and I will send my readers your way!

    Looking forward to being your newest follower!


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