Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm Over Christmas! Let's talk about Cats and Verbs (free download)

I'm tired of Santa; I'm tired of Rudolph; I'm ready for new things.  I could do 'Snowman in the Speech Room'---one small problem is the current unsnowy weather in North Carolina.

  Since there is not even a hint of winter yet, I thought I would focus on everyday vocabulary for a while, so I turned my attention (at least for a short time) to our feline companions---cats.  Every kid I work with knows what a cat is and I still have a cat beanie baby and stuffed animal collection from when my twins were little!

A favorite book that I've downloaded, rewrote, and adapted from Tarheel Reader for my kids is "What can Cats Do?"  It's all about verbs and I use it with all different children.  For my least verbal ones, merely matching the icon of the verb with the cat picture and maybe saying the verb or using a voice output device to label is the goal.  For children who are a bit more verbal, saying a two word combination about the cat picture first, and then the icon works in therapy.  ("Cat drinking; Boy drinking.")  For children who need practice writing sentences, they can write a present progressive sentence about some of the pictures.  Today, I had a kid act out the cat actions using a stuffed animal.  Books are great on all levels! This book is one of my favorite 'repeat' books, and the children love it. I adapted this book using laminated icons/velcro, and the following verb pictures. 

Last year, when we read "What Can Cats Do?", I also had them make paper bag puppets of cats.   The directions were on the Pictello app on my iPad 2, were step by step with photos, and kept the kids engaged.  They practiced following directions, filling in words when asked questions, and predicting what would come next.  After they were done with the puppets, they can have their own cats perform the same actions as what is pictured in the verb book about cats.   
  By now, many of you may want to know where to get the book and puppet directions.
It's all free here.  There is also a simple communication board to go along with the puppet making experience.  Have fun!!

There is now a companion book about Dogs and Verbs.  Go here to check it out!

Also check out "Counting Horses" and verbs here!


My poor confused azaleas!  Where's the snow?


  1. I just pinned this and shared on Facebook! THANK you for sharing this with us all Ruth, I will totally use this with my students! Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday!

  2. Looking forward to reading this book with my ID middle schoolers! We do have an abundance of snow in the winter but right now I am all fall leaved out! So this is a nice transition from Halloween, fall leaves, apples and scare crows to turkey and pilgrims and Thanksgiving.

  3. Thank you so much for your time and sharing with others!


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