Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Smartboard Snowman Action

There are two parts to this post----high tech and low tech.  The high tech, I'm proud to say, I've made all by myself!   The die on the smartboard screen 'rolls' when touched.  The number on the die corresponds to a body part of the snowman.  The pieces are set on 'infinite clone' so when touched, it reproduces and can be dragged onto the correct place on the snowman.  If you have a Smartboard, you can download this activity HERE.  I think this will be fun for the winter for our kids!

If you do not have a Smartboard, a talented mother has a low tech version of this game.  You can view it here at
screenshot from the 'toddlerapproved' website mentioned above
I plan to have both the hands-on low tech version, and the Smartboard version.  Both have a place in the classroom where I work!

Have fun!    We don't actually have snow here yet (North Carolina).  Hopefully we'll get some this year so the kids know what we are talking about when we do the snowman unit! 

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  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing our game tutorial. I am sharing your high tech version on our Facebook page.


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