Wednesday, June 1, 2011

EOG Haiku

North Carolina is in the final stretch of an End of Grade Testing marathon.  Everyone is involved, even the speech pathologist!   I'm on my 4th week of administering the End of Grade Test Extend 2 version, the End of Grade Test Extend 2 retest, the regular End of Grade Test multiple session version, and now the End of Grade Test multiple session retest.  What next?     When administering the test, I sometimes enter a state of sensory deprivation.  Try sitting in a room doing nothing except looking at children fill in bubble sheets for a couple of hours!

Today to keep myself from talking to my imaginary friends while a couple of boys were meticulously reading every word and painstakingly underlining key passages during the retest, the bubble sheets inspired an amateur Haiku. I'm not really a poet, but here it is:

   Our Yearly EOG marathon

Daunting bubble sheet
Must use number two pencils
All finished!  Relief!

Where is your haiku? 


  1. wonderful ruth...remind me the rules of a haiku?

  2. It's unrhymed,
    5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables

  3. Bubbles are quite nice
    Until captured by mean black
    lines on white paper.

  4. Don't forget you still have an Extend 1 to "proctor" as well!


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