Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Celebration of Mentoring (BRMA Picnic)

Vicki (daughter), David and Raul
  • huge pool filled with splashing laughing kids and adults
  • a very patient adult teaching an 11 year old girl to float in the middle of the pool fun.
  • a line of tables filled to overflowing with chicken, desserts and sides--with a long line of enthusiastic picnic-goers ready to dig in
  • Graig Meyer announcing that this was the 16th picnic that's occurred, and most of the mentees were younger than the program
  • Yli (Youth Leadership Institute) teens introducing themselves to nearly all the older-looking adults, explaining their strengths and goals.  I talked to one who wants to be a physical therapist, and another who wants to be an immigration lawyer. 
  • family time and friend time; mentor and mentee time; 
  • our two mentees developing fun relationships with our family and having a great time!
YLI kids
Graig Meyer talks to the group
These were some random images both mental and digital from the Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate picnic that my family and our two mentees attended today at Camp New Hope.  BRMA is about the coolest thing going on in my life right now.  Today's event was the end of a great year.  Thanks!

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