Monday, June 13, 2011

Luray---another hot vacation spot

Welcome to Luray!  We actually haven't spent time here yet, but it's already delightful.  We pulled into the place we'll stay around 5:00, and were greeted by the resident kitty, Molly. (It has now been parked on our bed for 2 hours.)

Other than the friendly cat, this Bed and Breakfast (called the Mayne View) has wonderful ammenities---a Victorian parlor, beautiful view, hot tub outside, historical decor, breakfast buffet (with gluten-free options), and an overall cozy atmosphere.  I sound like an advertisement, but it really is nice here!  Paul and Sally, the owners, really went out of their way to make everyone feel at home.
Our room---visible are David's feet and cat.  Any room for me?

Victorian Parlor

Where we will have breakfast.

View of mountains and Luray

hot tub
Thanks, David, for finding this place!!!!

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  1. Enjoy your stay in Luray.Do come out on the Shenandoah River while you are here!


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