Sunday, June 5, 2011

Through a child's eyes

 Every year, the entire first grade in our school draws portraits of the staff members.  These are all then put on display in the hallways, much to the delight of the whole school.  The giggling, laughing, squealing is endless---these are the adults making the noises.  The children just pause and point to people they know in the pictures with perhaps a cute little comment.  It's the grownups that really, really love this! 

This year, I was privileged to have two portraits done of me---both by children I've worked with.  One was a little Burmese boy (he did the portrait with the green background).  The other is from a young lady who sees me regularly.  I love both of them, so here they are!

I'm also including in my 'real' picture.  Which one do you think 
comes closest?

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