Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Something Old; Something New --in Northern Virginia

I realize that a lot of my postings are about my current trip---those of you who want iPad miracles and speech therapy goodies will need to be patient.  The next onslaught of children for me starts Wednesday next week (June 22) with Extended School Year---always fun and exciting!   It's like a big speech camp housed in an elementary school---a very nice new school!

So getting back to matters at hand---
The road trip has continued to Falls Church, Virginia.  For those  familiar with Virginia, there are the rural parts (e.g Luray--my previous posting) and the big, busy area closer into D.C.  The northern VA area for the past 25 years has gone through exponential growth---resulting in unending construction of houses, condos, shopping centers, roads, bridges, malls, schools, and anything else you can think of to support the masses.  This graph illustrates the population growth for just 5 years in all the regions.

With a population growing this quickly, what happens to the historical relics in the area?  Some are saved in parks, but urban growth in this are has become superimposed on historical places which here date back to the late 1700s.  The following videos illustrate this vividly.  Could folks back then have even dreamed of what would become of their spots?  What will happen to our own places in 200 years?


I never would have seen these places without geocaching.  I learn all kinds of new things with this hobby!

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