Friday, June 10, 2011

Check out the local art scene

David and I have a ritual.  Once a month, we plan to not worry about cooking supper and just go to the local Chapel Hill-Carrboro Art Walk.  Tonight, all kinds of edible delicacies awaited us at each art gallery---pita chips with hummus, vegies and dip, apples and grapes, several types of crackers, many cheese selections, creme filled pastries, chocolate chip cookies, and the most important, wine.  I will say that since I'm gluten-free, I could only admire a lot of these from a distance, but my husband had a fantastic meal. 

      I do love the art on the Art Walk, in addition to the food.  Each art show is completely different in style and presentation from the one before.  One never, ever knows what to expect.  Words don't do them justice, so I've posted a few of the pictures.  I especially loved the show with the cat painting and the horse painting.  This artist started when she was 50 after her kids grew up, and is quite good!  She's won several awards!

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