Saturday, June 11, 2011

How I spent my 28th anniversary

David and I were married June 11, 1983---before the internet and blogs.   We are not ones to have big parties, but this date also coincided with the end of school for me, was time to go somewhere!

Lynchburg, Virginia may not sound like the vacation capital of the world, especially during a heat wave; however, there were several appealing attractions in the area, which combined, made for a fun, albeit slightly warm, day.

It seems to me that most normal couples, when faced with a cause for celebration, go on cruises, rent vacation homes, travel to Disney World, hang out at plush hotels, or tour England, even when it means running up credit card debt and struggling with flight delays. I read about these vacations on Facebook. We've never quite fit with 'normal', so vacations for us have always been off the beaten path and now that we have adopted a geocaching lifestyle, we look at a map and find areas that have a potpourri of caches. (Click here if you don't know what geocaching is.) David always pulls out a relevant state map to find what counties he still needs. (He has found caches in all 100 counties in North Carolina, so Virginia is next.)  I like bike trails, so David found a nice one, and Lynchburg was the place to be!

  We loaded up the Beamer ---(David says it's actually a Bimmer, whatever)---with bikes, a cooler of food (forget restaurants), computers, GPS units, suitcases, and we were off!  Happy Anniversary David!
The lap of luxury ended up being the Lynchburg Travel Lodge.  We have Wifi, a coffee maker, air conditioner, a pool, and the usual furniture.  What more could you ask for?

Here's the main attraction for me---Lynchburg has developed a delightful network of rail-to-trails up and down the James River and Blackwater Creek.  I love biking when I don't have to worry about cars, and can enjoy nature a bit.  There were lots of wild flowers, animals, and sun shine.  When moving on a bike, the breeze offers a natural air conditioner, which muted some of the heat.  We did about 13 miles today with a trip down the James River bike trail scheduled for tomorrow! 
Tunnel on the trail

Under the railroad bridge

Finding a cache makes for a happy husband!

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