Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Washington & Old Dominion Rail-to-Trail

Check out the odometer reading!


This is the last vacation blog entry, unless something stupendous happens on the way home tomorrow (I doubt it).  Today, David and I both reached a new biking distance record--35 miles on the GPS odometer. The place was the Washington & Old Dominion Bike Trail in northern Virginia with the whole trail extending 45 miles--David and I did a smaller part, starting in Arlington, ending in Vienna with Falls Church in between, and then biking back.
Before the W & OD trail, we entered the trail system via a trail named 4 Mile Run. Very nice!

Husband--he had to work hard to keep up with me!

View of the trail around Arlington

I'm more familiar with rural trails such as the Virginia Creeper Trail, but this definitely started as an urban trail, crossing two interstates, and biking adjacent to I66 for a bit--which was pretty exciting.  It progressed to more surburban after we crossed the Beltline.  If we had been obsessed, we could have biked further on to Leesburg, where the trail passes through beautiful farm lands and wooded areas.  Maybe next time!  David and I had a great time, and now I feel very physically fit!  I would not recommend this in July or August with heat indexes at 95 or 100.  We lucked out with the weather--in the 80s with a nice breeze. 
 P.S.  We also found 9 geocaches
Crossing Interstate 66--Note the metro tracks in the middle.
Crossing the Belt Line---lots of traffic and construction.

more trail view

We stopped in Vienna for lunch at Whole Foods--right off the trail.

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